Copper SFP Analog HD Video Modules
FiberPlex SFP-BSDV SD-SDI Analog Composite Video SFP

SD-SDI Analog Composite Video SFP

The SFP-BSDV is series of electrical transceiver SFP designed to encode and decode composite signals over 75O coaxial cables via HD-BNC™ connectors. On the receive channel, the module decodes NTSC/PAL composite inputs and convert to SD-SDI signal. On the transmit channel, the module encodes the SD-SDI signal to NTSC/PAL composite.

The SFP-BSDVXC-0000-L is a long reach electrical SFP transceiver module designed with reclockers to transmit and receive SDI signals up to 2.97Gbps over 75Ω coaxial cables via HD-BNC™ connectors. The cable driver slew rate is automatically configured in order to achieve compliance to SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 259M. The equalizer features DC restoration to compensate for the DC content of SMPTE pathological test patterns. By suppressing accumulated jitter, each reclocker procures optimal input & output jitter performance.

The SFP-BSDVXC-0000-L provides module identification information and configuration through a two wire serial interface. It is also a hot-pluggable solution for field system upgrade and maintenance. The SFP-BSDVXC-0000-L is interchangeable with other MSA optical video SFP improving product flexibility. Ganged, belly-to-belly, and superposed SFP cage mountings are supported. The module is SMPTE compliant resulting in reduced development effort and cost.

SFP-BSDV applications

  • Compliant with SMPTE 259M-C, SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 344M and SMPTE 292M
  • Supports video pathological patterns for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI
  • Supports composite standards: NTSC M, NTSC J, NTSC 4.43; PAL B/G/H/I/D, PAL M, PAL N, PAL 60
  • Integrated cable driver (analog status and control registers, voltage and temp, and module info)
  • Supports DVB-ASI at 270Mb/s
  • Supports Audio in SDI stream
# Model # Description Availability
1 SFP-BSDVR2-0000-LN SFP, HD-BNC, SD Video Dual Receive, Long Reach, Non-MSA Special Order
2 SFP-BSDVT2-0000-LN SFP, HD-BNC, SD Video Dual Transmit, Long Reach, Non-MSA Special Order
3 SFP-BSDVXC-0000-L SFP, HD-BNC, SD Video Transceiver, Long Reach, MSA General Availability
4 SFP-BSDVXC-0000-LN SFP, HD-BNC, SD Video Transceiver, Long Reach, Non-MSA Special Order


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