Waveguide Extensions/Accessories
FiberPlex WGN Waveguide nuts for WGF series waveguides

The WGN-6 and WGN-12 Waveguide Nuts are spare nuts for FiberPlex Waveguide Filters (WGF).

The WGN-6 (thread size 1-1/8 inch, 18 NEF) is a spare nut for the WGF-6, WGF-461 and WGF-4. The WGN-12 (thread size 1-5/8 inch, 20 NEF) is a spare nut for the WGF-12.

WGN Waveguide Nuts

  • Spare Nuts Compatible with Waveguide Filters
# Model # Description Availability
1 WGN-12 Wave Guide filter nut for WGF-12 General Availability
2 WGN-6 Wave Guide filter nut for WGF-6, WGF-461 General Availability


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